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A critical component of this is the Talex's unique light noise-reducing technology featuring ultra thin iodine dyed filters and high optical performance lenses which allows you to enjoy true colors... and forget about annoying glare.


Crisp, clear, bright…seeing the world through these world famous Talex high precision polarizing lenses for the first time is truly amazing. Its an experience you will never forget.


Unmatchable performance top tier sports figures, from mountain climbers to white water canoeists, from professional anglers to high speed racing car drivers, all swear by them... because of the performance. Only in specialist pro shops until recently, now, with the OZNIS range of performance polarizing sunglasses, the famous Talex View experience is available right here.

Activity specific performance optimization

Talex has developed, over decades of close interaction with top sports men and athletes, a deep understanding of how the correct combination of polarization technology can offer optimal performance for each individual endeavor... the performance requirement on the golf course are very different to the racing track or a downhill mountain bike course. Performance in snow glare, is different from glittering water.
The Oznis range of high performance polarizing sunglasses has you covered.

Why do top tier sports
professionals choose Talex?

Talex is grateful for the feedback from a wide range of sports enthusiasts and professionals who wear our polarizing sunglasses.

Some of the general benefits expressed are: improved “stay in the zone” concentration, increased visibility, improved peripheral vision, calmness, judgement-assisting crispness and clarity, eye-opening anti-glare functionality, improved endurance, a thoroughly relaxing visual experience.

SINCE 1938

Established in Tajima, Japan in 1938, Talex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high presicion polarized lenses. Many years of experience and innovation has gone into the development of these truly exceptional lensess.

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Since 1938

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4-4-38 Tajima Ikuno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka fu 544-0011, Japan, TEL : +81-6-6758-4711